Authors should make every effort to present their work clearly, accurately, and completely. It is important to convey information effectively to colleagues, and there has been an increase in the number of submitted digests in recent years. To maximize your chances of acceptance, please strictly follow the guidelines and keep in mind the digest acceptance criteria used by the Program Committee:

The research must be about magnetism, magnetic materials, or magnetism-related technology.
The work must be original and significant. Digests that describe incremental advances over previously presented work will be rejected.
The work must be substantially complete. Digests that do not specifically refer to new results or are largely conceptual will be rejected. Sufficient context and detail must be included to allow the program committee to readily make an assessment of the work.
In the interest of allowing as many groups as possible to present their work, groups or individuals considering the submission of several related abstracts should, whenever possible, combine them into a single submission.
The digest must be in understandable English. If necessary, have a native English speaker edit your digest before submission.
When your digest is accepted, the author's name provided on the submission page will be printed in the Advance Program and Digests Book.

Digest Submission Requirements

The digest is NOT an abstract. It is a two-page condensation or summary which outlines the work to be reported and includes as many of the results as possible.
The inclusion of figures, tables, and especially numerical results is strongly recommended.
The Program Committee will make its selection by ranking digest on their technical content and intelligibility.
The presenting author must be a paid registrant. The Conference does not provide any support for the contributed papers.
Authors considering submission of several digests are requested to combine them to achieve a balanced and high quality technical program.
All digests must be submitted only via the Web submission system where online profile information is requested. Digests sent via e-mail, fax, or regular mail will not be acknowledged.
The number of words of the digest will be limited by the submission system to fit the two-page limit. Figures/tables are permitted. However, note that this significantly reduces the text permitted. Make your determination about whether you prefer text or figures and work within the limit.
Students applying for the Best Student Presentation Award must provide the supplemental information (step 7 in the Digest Submission process) requested.

Digest Submission Procedure

Submit all abstracts electronically, using the following link http://intermag.abstractcentral.com/).
Digest submission will start on November 14, 2011. All digests must be submitted no later than the January 9, 2012 deadline. This deadline will be strictly observed.
Acceptance or rejection of the submitted digest will be announced via e-mail. Authors will be informed of the status of their submission by early February, 2012.