1. Spin electronics & applications (non-recording)

a. GMR of multilayers, magnetic contacts and constrictions
b. Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
c. Spin transfer torque
d. Magnetoresistive & half-metallic materials
e. Complex oxides
f. Multiferroic Materials
g. Magnetic semiconductors
h. Transport theory and spin injection
i. MRAM, Magnetic Logic and Devices
j. Organic and Carbon-based Spin Transport

2. Magnetic recording

a. Recording Media
b. Patterned Media
c. Recording heads and materials (GMR, spin-valves, MTJ, inductive heads etc.)
d. Recording physics, modeling, theory and testing
e. Head-disk interface and tribology
f. Recording systems, coding, servo, actuators and channels
g. Energy assisted recording
h. Magneto-optic, hybrid and novel recording

3. Life sciences & applications

a. Bio & chemical magnetism
b. Biomedical diagnostics and imaging
c. Novel biomedical therapies and nanomedicine
d. Measurement techniques and instrumentation

4. Sensors, high frequency & power devices

a.Magnetic sensors and MEMS (non-recording)
b.Magnetoimpedance & high frequency materials
c.Electromagnetic compatibility
d.Transformers and inductors
e.Motors and actuators
f.Power and control magnetics
g.Shielding, levitation and propulsion
h.Magnetodynamics and ferromagnetic resonance

5. Magnetic thin films & nanostructures

a. Ultra-thin films & surface effects
b. Multilayer films and superlattices
c. Patterned films and elements (non-recording)
d. Magnetic nanowires, clusters & nanoparticles
e. Exchange bias

6. Functional magnetic materials & non-recording applications

a. Microwave and millemeter wave materials & devices
b. Magneto-optic materials and devices
c. Magneto-elastic materials and devices
d. Magneto-caloric materials and devices
e. Molecular & novel magnetic materials
f. Magnetic fluids and separation

7. Soft magnetic materials & applications

a. Crystalline, nanocrystalline & amorphous materials
b. Ferrites, Garnets and other materials
c. Magneto-dielectric materials or meta-materials
d. Applications

8. Permanent magnet materials & applications

a. Intermetallic & other hard magnets
b. Nanostructured and composite hard magnetic materials
c. Rare earth transition metal borides
d. Applications

9. Modeling and computational magnetism

a. Ab-initio and first principles calculations
b. Micromagnetics and multiscale modeling
c. Hysteresis modeling

10. Fundamental properties & interdisciplinary topics

a. Fundamental properties with relevance to applications
b. Superconductivity
c. Emerging topics

11. Microscopy, Imaging & Characterization

a. Magnetic and structural measurements & instrumentation
b. Magnetic microscopy and imaging
c. Magnetization Dynamics
d. Synchrotron Studies